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Our films have been selected at over 50 festivals, broadcasted in a dozen countries and acquired by over a thousand schools and universities in North America.
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MOTHER, caring for 7 billion

"Mother, caring for 7 Billion" (2011) shows what it means to live in a world of 7 billion people and describes how demographic pressure is affecting our future and the very destiny of life on earth. Intimate and human-focused, it tells the story of two women living in opposite worlds who become friends. Mother explores how population growth intersects with gender equity, religion, reproductive health, economic inequality and ecology. The film puts storytelling at the heart of the solutions to face today's polycrisis. It is fundamentally a film of hope and shows the strength of the human spirit to make a better world.

Mother has been enthusiastically received by the public, international NGOs, experts and the media (Science Magazine, The New York Times and more). 

"Mother is an aptly named film that brings home how hopeful the connection of population and the planet really is. This movie shows, lyrically, that as we learn to move beyond the domination of women, humanity can then move beyond the domination of nature and gain a chance for long habitation on Mother Earth." 

                                                                               - Robert Engleman, President of the Worldwatch Institute

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ENERGY CROSSROADS, a burning need to change course

Energy Crossroads (2007) was produced during the energy crisis and geopolitical conflicts of the post-September 11 era. The documentary was hailed at the time by experts and the public as one of the most comprehensive films about our fossil fuels dependent societies . 
After several festival selections and one first prize, the film was included in a science curriculum for US high schools. It is still being used today by thousands of schools throughout North America.

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"The Great Squeeze" (2009) takes us back in time to past civilisations that developed too fast to die out just as quickly. A warning from the past. The film won four awards and was praised by various NGOs, including the Good Planet Foundation, which selected it for its festival at COP15 in Copenhagen. It will also be broadcast on Canada's leading public broadcaster CBC.

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In the past few years, climate change has been intensifying in the south of France: a substantial drought in 2017, an extremely wet spring in 2018 and a historic record-high in 2019 at a staggering 46 degree celsius. Benoit, Regis, Catherine, as well as countless other winemakers in the Languedoc region, find themselves powerless in the face of a worsening climate crisis.
As we follow these men and women in their daily lives within the context of climate change, Vignes dans le rouge reveals an agricultural sector out of synch with the economic, social and environmental realities of our time. A short-term decision taken after the Phylloxera crisis 120 years ago led the French winemaking industry to its current predicament, further amplified by climate change.

Will this ancient industry be able to free itself from the shackles of its traditions, its rigid classification system, and vulnerable grape varieties to survive the climate crisis? Could it be an opportunity for lasting change in the French wine industry to remain relevant in the 21st century ?

Tiroir A Films


"Out West" revisits the myth of the American West and reveals the real story behind the veil of collective imagination. The manifest destiny, a white European ideology of continental expansionism, clashed with the first inhabitants of the continent. It ultimately set one of the biggest tragedy of American history. 

The film has been shown in half a dozen countries and is still used for educational purposes in the USA.